About Limestone Walls Perth

We are Perth's limestone retaining wall solution specialists, and we guarantee to take the trouble out of building your wall!

Limestone Wall Co is based in Perth, Western Australia and has been operating for eighteen years. The owner, Scott Innes, has over twenty years experience in the building industry, so we have the knowledge to back up our claims. We have the experience to be able to take on those awkward or troublesome jobs and help you find the solutions you require. We take the time and effort to build the wall you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is stronger ?

Recons are a cement based product , mixed with natural limestone so it has better adhesive qualities. It is also a denser product with a MPA* rating of 6, while natural wall blocks have about 3 MPA.
*MPA is the crushing strength of a block.

What looks better?

Both natural and reconstituted limestone blocks look fantastic when built by tradesmen.

What is cheaper?

Both types of limestone wall blocks are very similar in price.

Where do we get our limestone from?

We buy our limestone from Limestone Building Blocks, in the Wanneroo area. It is a Wanneroo stone and both the naturals and reconstituted limestone are of a very high quality.


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Limestone Walls Perth
Limestone Walls Perth